Free Grunge Poster Font: Wilson

Wilson Font Example 1

Check it out. This is Wilson. He is grungier than Soundgarden. He is grungier than Eddie Vedder’s regrets of how grunge he used to be. He is a chunky font, good for any grungy design:

  1. Rock Posters
  2. Album Covers
  3. Ransom Notes

Wilson Font Example 2

Some notes:

  • Most glyphs are different heights, as it is a grunge font and doesn’t care about you.
  • Lowercase keys yield uppercase text.
  • Uppercase keys yield uppercase, inverted text.
  • Numeric keys grow apples.

How to Install Fonts


  • Click an image above to download the wilson.ttf file
  • Find the file on your computer
  • Right-click ‘install’


I don’t know – make a reservation at the Genius Bar.

Only do cool things with this font; creative typography posters and love letters. Don’t use this typeface for corporate training manuals or anything lame-o like that.


Mountain High – Free Font

(click the image to download font)

Here is a sample of a font I created for a client. To download it, simply click the image sample. I created the font from a photo of a menu chalkboard with an expressive handwritten script on it. Currently it is only the uppercase alphabet; the lower case is warped versions of the uppercase set.

Download and use at will; please leave a comment with a link to your design.

bienvenue.. + free font

guten tag everyone

thank you for visiting. i will be updating fairly regularly.. and my plans right now are not to follow any particular theme right away. what are some things you can expect to see peppered about?

  • stories
  • images
  • videos
  • downloads
  • zombies

to start things off nice and intimate, because conditions are perfect, i’d like to offer you a handwritten handwriting.

what do you mean, cwylie0?

well i will tell you my friend.. i have created a font out of my handwriting. psycho-analyze it all you want.

it goes a little something like this:

download it right here, wow.

how did you do this, cwylie0?

the short answer is: don’t worry about it, because you:

a)aren’t as good at computers as cwylie0 or
2)you have friends/ball and chain/spawn/real job/a rash.

the answer if you are still reading is:

  1. print out a font template like the one found here.
  2. fill it out however you want! make your “J” into a :O if you want. it’s your font.
  3. scan that puppy real big and nice.
  4. cut and paste the individual characters from photoshop to a font editor (i used this one).
  5. save, use. (i’m not going into detail about installing fonts b/c that’s easy and boring; google it).

you’re welcome!
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