New website design: Mark’s Quality Cleaners

Mark’s Quality Cleaners website

Mark’s Quality Cleaners is a large dry cleaning business in Miami Beach. They have a long, interesting business history in the Miami area> Recently the business split into two locations, West 51st Street and Alton Road.

Their website features:

  • History of the company
  • Price list embedded from a Google docs spreadsheet for easy updates
  • Pickup & delivery form
  • Garment care tips

This website was design and put in place in under two weeks. It was necessary to get the site up quickly because they wanted it to be live before they relocated. While not all websites go up that quickly, this project shows that misselhornMedia can get sites up fast, if needed. If the client has a good, workable idea of what they want and need on the site, a fast pace is definitely possible.

Website: St Ann Catholic School of West Palm Beach

The misselhornMedia web site for St Ann Catholic School has been up for several months now, but I thought I’d take a moment to post some notes about the site and its design here.

St Ann Catholic School is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Located on Olive Street, which is just a few hops away from the downtown Clematis Street area, St Ann’s has been a school since 1923.

This website project differed from other websites misselhornMedia has worked on in that it was offered pre-built. An initial website design was created. Content, mostly text about the history and programs of the school and photos of the students, was migrated from their former site and put in place in the new website. The completely fresh, redesigned site was then presented and offered as a fixed price purchase. St Ann’s was pleased with the new look of the site and happy to learn that the content on the site could be easily changed on their end via the WordPress Dashboard, which is misselhornMedia’s preferred method to offer a Content Management System (CMS) to clients.

Some features of note:

  • Simple contact form which delivers to multiple recipients
  • Mobile website version, styled for all the most popular mobile devices and smartphones
  • Easy-to-use content management system

Take a look and please let me know what you think:
St Ann Catholic School

Please contact misselhornMedia if you are interested in a new website for your company or organization.

misselhornMedia website: Dryclean USA

misselhornMedia has completed a new website design: Dryclean USA, a Miami-area dry cleaning company with many locations across the greater Miami area.

The site features a store locator, some useful fabric & fashion tips & glossaries, and a Flash fabric care symbol translator. Also, it is developed on a PHP content structure that I am still in the process of refining but I’m excited about the potential of using it in the future.

If you live in the greater Miami area and are looking for a valuable dry cleaner to treat your garments, go ahead and sign up for their free pickup & delivery service. Dryclean USA does a great job and provides great value.

Please feel free to leave comments, critiques, and/or suggestions on the usability, aesthetics, or content.

misselhornMedia website: Rey’s Cleaners

misselhornMedia has completed a new website design: Rey’s Cleaners, a Miami-area high-end couture cleaners & dry cleaning company with multiple locations.

The site features quite a bit of fashion photography, some fashion glossaries, and a handy fabric care symbol translator… so now you will know what all those alien symbols on your clothing tags mean!

If you live in the greater Miami area, go ahead and sign up for their free pickup & delivery service. Rey’s Cleaners does a great job and provides exceptional service.

Please feel free to leave comments, critiques, and/or suggestions on the usability, aesthetics, or content.

New misselhornMedia website: FashionCare

FashionCare screengrab

misselhornMedia has recently completed a small informational website for FashionCare.

Website design features:

  • Straightforward navigation
  • Simple images & graphics
  • Social media footer

The programming is pretty minimal, including a touch of css, javascript, and php for the contact form processing.

FashionCare is a dry cleaner certification program that ensures high quality garment care from its numerous nationwide affiliates.

Note the difference between the final design and the mockup. As you can see, some designs go through a bit of modification as the project progresses, and misselhornMedia aims to find the most suitable and effective final website design.

Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, critiques, opinions, and/or praise.

New Site for Health Awareness, Inc.

misselhornMedia recently completed a new website design for Health Awareness, Inc. They are a family-based small business from Jupiter, FL providing treatment options for patients dealing with any of a range of conditions and afflictions.

The site itself is a fairly simple two-page design featuring a brief company description, a call to action, and a list of medical conditions for which the company provides treatment. The second page is a contact form which guests can use to get more information and seek treatment directly from Health Awareness.

Overall, the site provided a simple, cost-effective design to help Health Awareness reach a broader market online via its website.

The site can be viewed here. Please feel free to view and leave comments if you so choose, whether they are regarding the design, usability, or overall impression.